“This has been one of the most rewarding, educational and amazing experiences of my life.” ADVAS Volunteer

“ADVAS is a powerful organization and contributes to my wellness.”- ADVAS Volunteer

“Learning to take risks and becoming more proactive as a result of volunteering at ADVAS.”- ADVAS Volunteer

“I really enjoy working with and helping victims through their difficult and complex problems.  Training is an ongoing process, and there are so many interesting things to learn that I look forward to the training sessions, besides which we are never too old to learn. I am really enjoying my training and volunteer hours it is a great opportunity to give back to the community of Airdrie and district.” – ADVAS Volunteer

Golden Heart Award 2017 –Debbie Reid

The Annual Golden Heart award is awarded in memory of Marlene Le Blanc who served as a volunteer and staff member of Airdrie and District Victims Assistance Society (ADVAS).

Every year we like to take the time to recognize those who have displayed compassion, commitment and dedication to ADVAS. The Golden Heart Award is awarded to those who have shown outstanding selfless efforts to reach out to victims and have demonstrated efforts that extend above and beyond what is expected by the volunteer and their position.

The nominees for this award are chosen by fellow ADVAS volunteers who have shown great dedication and commitment throughout 2017. Over this past year we have been faced with many struggles, complicated files, tough clients, and at most times, a high file load. As said by an advocate “this is such a dynamic group of volunteers. Everyone has something unique and special to offer. Everyone supports each other and is amazing with the victims”

We are forever grateful for the wonderful jobs you all do so well.

Our recipient this year, Debbie, is a woman who tirelessly goes out of her way for not only victims, but also for her fellow advocates. Her bubbly spirit, compassion and dedication to ADVAS truly shows.

Her peers will tell you – “She is approachable and knows what she is talking about”, “the wisdom she provides to both volunteers and victims is amazing and she never hesitates to step up when asked”, “she is informative and patient”, engaged 100% and always available”. “She is a pleasure to work with”.

Debbie started with ADVAS just over a year ago and quickly excelled to a team mentor position, and has spent many hours assisting with our court program. From January 2017 to October 2017, she has logged 323 volunteer hours, 94 of which are court alone. That’s an average of 33 hours a month!

She has shown outstanding efforts to reach out to victims and has extended above and beyond what is expected of her in this volunteer role.

Congratulations Debbie!


How Can I Volunteer?

ADVAS is looking for men and women interested in becoming front line victim advocates to provide support, information and referrals to victims of crime or tragedy.

We need individuals interested in a challenging and rewarding volunteer experience who are caring and non-judgmental with a sincere interest in helping victims move past their immediate trauma.

Potential volunteers must be willing and able to attend all mandatory training, pass an enhanced RCMP security clearance and commit to the time required of a Victim Assistance Volunteer Advocate.

If you are a mature adult, 18 years or older, with strong communication skills and the ability to maintain confidentiality we would like to talk with you!

Our available volunteer positions are:

  • Daytime and/or On-Call Victim Advocates who work on-call one week of the month with a team of their peers
  • Court Support Volunteers to assist our victims with court preparation and court attendance
  • Board members to assist in carrying out fiduciary responsibilities of ADVAS

Volunteer Training

ADVAS offers a comprehensive on-going training program.

All volunteers must complete and obtain certification from the Solicitor General Basic Advocate Training Program before serving as an active volunteer.  This course consists of instruction on The Criminal Justice and Court System, Advocate Safety, Crisis Intervention, Communication Skills, Suicide Prevention and Self Care.

This training is completed online with Alberta Justice and Solicitor General with face to face tutorials as the volunteers progress through the mandated 35 modules.

Ongoing training for Volunteers includes, but is not limited to:

  • Domestic Violence
  • First Aid Certification
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Suicide Intervention Training
  • Human Trafficking
  • Self Care & Team Building
  • Vicarious Trauma & Compassion Fatigue
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Child and Adult Sexual Assault
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Bullying and Cyber Bullying
  • Death Notification Protocol
  • Stalking & Harassment
  • Tours of
    • the Medical Examiner’s Office,
    • Women’s Shelters and
    • Funeral Homes/Crematoriums.

Most of the training consists of certificate courses; all instructors are experts in their field of work.  These courses serve to professionalize our program and to offer volunteers practical information they can use in their personal/professional lives.

For more information please call 403 945-7290

Volunteer Application Form


Are you ready for the most rewarding volunteer experience of your life?

You will be joining an award-winning community service.

You will work in partnership with the RCMP.

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